Liberty Mountain ends its summer run

Liberty Mountain ends its summer run

With this weeks final performance taking place Sunday, July 19 at 3:00pm, “Liberty Mountain” ends its first summer production, and by any measure, it has been a huge success. Some thoughts about the summer run and a look at the future:

  1. Audiences for the 15 performances have been large and enthusiastic. Ticket sales show us that the appeal of “Liberty Mountain” goes well beyond the immediate area of Cleveland and Gaston counties. Typical is the family that traveled from Raleigh to see a performance after hearing about it through a Sons of the American Revolution chapter. As the word continues to spread in the months ahead, the play will draw an ever wider regional and national audience.
  1. The production has been superb, with a cast and crew led by director Caleb Sigmon. Audience members who saw a performance during the premier run last October universally agree that the summer production has been bigger and better. The cast is a fine blend of talented local actors and our Core Artist program of college theatre students. We continue to learn from our experience, and the challenge will be to make next summer’s run even more special.

    Caleb Sigmon Liberty Mountain

  1. The economic impact on this area is significant, and will become even more so in the future. Restaurants, motels and other businesses report increased sales during the 4-weekend production that we can attribute to the play’s draw. The experience of other similar dramas in our region – “Horn In The West,” “The Lost Colony” – prove that a production such as ours makes this area a destination for visitors and becomes a significant industry.
  1. The support from people in our immediate area has been heartwarming. Local folks have come to performances, been entertained and inspired, and have gone home to tell friends and family about their experience. “Liberty Mountain” has become a source of pride for the area, and all of us connected with the production are deeply grateful.


  1. The future looks bright. Planning for the 2016 summer production is already underway. We’ll put on a great show, and we’ll count on you being there.