Liberty Mountain ends with patriotic importance

Liberty Mountain ends with patriotic importance

“The Battle lasted for only an hour.  One bloody, savage hour that echoed through the colonies, across oceans, into time itself… an hour that changed everything.”  These are the words that open up each performance of “Liberty Mountain” the Revolutionary Drama by Robert Inman.  The fast-paced epic drama is promised to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Our hope is that seeing our play will be an hour that you will never forget.

We are telling a story that America needs to hear.  We are in rough times of dispute and disagreement.  I believe that we all should take an hour to fully reflect on what our nation was founded upon, what these men and women fought for, what people have died for.  What it truly means to be free.

With over one thousand audience members coming through the doors of the Joy Performance Center last weekend, the majority of them had travelled in from out-of-town.  Some folks drove in from Raleigh, Boone and Wilmington, others travelling from places as far as Massachusetts and Sacramento, California.  We hope that for our closing weekend, we will draw our biggest local crowd.

One of our leading actresses, Mary Grace Keller, says, “Lots of people have told me they saw the show last year, and I tell them, no… you haven’t seen THIS show!”  We have received rave reviews about how the new additions to the drama for its 2015 season.  A historian from New England said after last Saturday’s matinee, “Bob Inman has done a superb job of weaving this story about people that have made a huge sacrifice for our nation.  Seeing this play about the battle that turned the tide of the American Revolution put it all into perspective – It was breathtaking.”

Telling this story onstage night after night, year after year, is so important.  This should be presented to audiences for hundreds of years after we are all gone from this earth.  It should be preserved, told and retold.  You, the community, play an important role in keeping this history alive.  By supporting this show with the purchase of a ticket, you partner with us in sharing the story of what turned the tide for the War of Independence.  “Liberty Mountain” is your story.  It is a production that we hope will continue to be the pride of Kings Mountain.

May God Bless America.

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Caleb Ryan Sigmon is the Artistic and Fight Director for “Liberty Mountain – The Revolutionary Drama” by Playwright Robert Inman.  Caleb is an Illusionist, Speaker and Theatre Artist from North Carolina.  Visit his website at