Liberty Mountain Opens with a BOOM!

Liberty Mountain Opens with a BOOM!

Over 700 audience members chose to end our production with a standing ovation, whistling and cheering at the end of Opening Weekend. The climactic and emotional finale, new to the 2015 production, will have you standing on your feet. One audience member said, “With my heart in my throat and tears in my eyes, it reminded me how proud I am to be an American.” Robert Inman’s epic battle drama “Liberty Mountain” has triumphantly returned to Kings Mountain, better and bigger than before.

On Opening Night, Mayor Rick Murphrey stood in front of a full-house at the Joy Performance Center and declared June 26th “Liberty Mountain Day!” This exciting news was just the beginning of an incredibly memorable kickoff weekend. At the Opening Night Gala, I had the opportunity to speak with a great number of theatregoers and supporters of the show. Returning audience members loved the new changes and additions in this summer’s production. People that didn’t see last year’s World Premiere were floored by the professional quality of the performances. Audiences for this season are in for a special treat.

The artistic and onstage team of over 30 actors and designers are thrilled to have started performances. “It’s exciting… like Christmas!” Says Pete DeGregory, who plays a leading role in the production. “I think of it as a little child that sees the tree being put up, and slowly, presents underneath it. We stay at that level of anticipation. Then, when the audience finally arrives, it’s Christmas morning. We get to open our presents!” Roy Lightfoot, another actor in the show, chimed in. “We get 15 Christmas Mornings! The exciting thing is that each present is very different, as each audience brings a different dynamic to the play.”

You, the audience member, play the most important role. Come immerse yourself in the action. Smell the gunpowder, see the drama. Find yourself caught up in the American Revolution.

Tickets are selling fast for this summer’s production. For specific details, and to order your tickets online, visit:

Caleb Ryan Sigmon is the Artistic and Fight Director for “Liberty Mountain – The Revolutionary Drama” by Playwright Robert Inman. Caleb is an Illusionist, Speaker and Theatre Artist from North Carolina. Visit his website at