See the Powerful War Drama of the Battle that Changed the Course of the American Revolution.

Penned by renowned author and playwright Robert Inman.

Summer 2015 Performance Dates:
June 26 and 27, and July 3, 10, 11, 17, & 18 at 7:30 PM
June 27 and 28, and July 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, & 19 at 3:00 PM
Tickets: $15 each



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Liberty Mountain documents the events leading up to the Battle of Kings Mountain on the 7th of October 1780.

By the Fall of 1780, the British were winning the War for American Independence in the southern colonies.  They had captured Charleston and Charlotte, set up outposts throughout upstate South Carolina, and were preparing to march through North Carolina and Virginia to deal a death blow to George Washington’s Continental Army.

And then came Kings Mountain.  On the afternoon of October 7, 1780 nearly a thousand American Patriots from both Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia surrounded the low ridge known as Kings Mountain, near the line dividing the two Carolinas, and surprised a force of Loyalists led by British major Patrick Ferguson.  Within an hour they had killed Ferguson and destroyed his force.

“Liberty Mountain” is the story of the hardy Scots-Irish who fled poverty and persecution in Europe, settling the Carolinas and staking their claim to a new life where they could raise their families, prosper, and worship as they pleased.  They were the backbone of the Patriot cause in the southern colonies, battling sometimes overwhelming odds to stake their claim to an independent America.

When faced with a direct threat to their lives and liberty, they marched for days across mountains, through harsh weather, to join forces and mount their assault.  They were volunteers, fierce veterans of Indian wars, facing a larger, well-trained Loyalist force.  Yet they prevailed, and their victory turned the tide of the Revolution.  The British retreated from Charlotte, and a year later surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia.

“Liberty Mountain” brings to the stage the lives of these American pioneers – men, women and children – who meant to be free and would not be denied.

Engraving depicting the death of Patrick Ferguson, from a painting by Alonzo Chappel



Overmountain Men

Although there was no official roster nor paper work, it is estimated that the 900 or so Overmountain Men
comprised The Patriot Army and was from a combination of local Militias throughout the Appalachian region.

  • 270 North Carolinians 30%
  • 240 Tennessee 26%
  • 200 Viginians 22%
  • 130 South Carolinians 14%
  • 30 Georgians 2%

Loyalist Army

Although there is no surviving paper work due to the destruction from battle, it was well known that Major Patrick Ferguson’s army comprised entirely of native militia from several states.

  • 708 South Carolinians 73%
  • 118 Provincials (NY/NJ) 13%
  • 100 North Carolinians 11%
  • 32 Unknown 3%
  • 1 British (Maj. Ferguson) 0.001%

Fatalities During the Battle

Patriots Lost 28  Loyalists Lost 225

DAYS after the Battle of Kings Mountain, General Cornwallis would surrender his British Army to General Washington at Yorktown, Virginia. 12 months and 12 days after the battle, the American Revolution would be over.


PERCENT of colonist who were Loyalist. Many families were divided, with some brothers or fathers fighting for either the Loyalists and some for the Patriots.


The Patriots wore white paper in their hats, the Loyalists used a pine sprig in their hats. As the battle of Kings Mountain went on many Loyalists tore out their pine sprig to switch sides.

Short Week of Rehersals

One more short week of intensive rehearsals before the curtain rises Friday, June 26 for the summer production of “Liberty Mountain,” the Revolutionary War drama, at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain. For the first several days of rehearsals, director Caleb Sigmon and the cast worked on individual scenes, and then they began to put scenes together into the two acts that make up the play.  Many of the scenes involve combat, and that requires intricate choreography to make sure the action flows seamlessly and – even more importantly – that safety comes first.  The drama culminates in the savage hand-to-hand battle between Patriots and Loyalists on Kings Mountain in October, 1780, which turned the tide of the American Revolution. The cast is an excellent mixture of professional and amateur actors, several of whom were involved in the premier production of “Liberty Mountain” last October.  And some of those are in different roles than they were in the original.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to two of the cast members who represent a contrast in the makeup of the play. Mary Grace Keller brings superb theatre credentials and a wealth of experience to “Liberty Mountain.”  A 2003 graduate of Kings Mountain High School, she studied drama at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and Aldelphi University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performing Arts.  For a year after college she toured with a children’s theatre production in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota, then spent another three years in theatre and film in New York and California. Mary Grace came home to Kings... read more

The Patriots are Gathering

The Patriots are gathering on “Liberty Mountain.”  Three weeks of intensive rehearsals are underway at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain, leading up to the first of 15 summer performances beginning June 26.  A cast of 30 is bringing the story of the Revolutionary War battle of Kings Mountain to life under the direction of veteran theatre professional Caleb Ryan Sigmon. Rehearsals began last Sunday (June 7) when the entire cast and crew spent several hours at the Kings Mountain National Military Park, where the battle took place on October 7, 1780.  Their experience began at the National Park Service’s excellent visitor center, with its interactive exhibits that introduce visitors to the battle site, the Patriot and Loyalist leaders who led the combatants, and the weapons they used.  A highlight of the visitors center is a film by the History Channel which vividly portrays the savage fight that turned the tide of the American Revolution. The cast walked the site of the battleground itself and saw how Patriot fighters, attacking up the slopes of the ridge, firing and taking cover behind trees and rocks, took a deadly toll of the Loyalist militiamen on top.  The battle lasted only an hour, but when it was over the Loyalist force was destroyed – killed, wounded and captured.  Its leader, British major Patrick Ferguson, lay dead. Director Sigmon says, “I thought it was critical for our theatre group to walk the ground where it took place, to see for themselves how the Patriots, against great odds, prevailed.  The actors are taking that first-hand experience back to the theatre and weaving it... read more

Company Orientation Day

We had an incredible Company Orientation Day for our summer season! Special thanks to Ranger Leah and our friends at Kings Mountain National Military Park for hosting a special tour and weapons demonstration for us! We had a blast immersing our cast and crew into the history of our... read more

A historic back yard

It’s not every community that has an historic battlefield in its back yard, and that’s one thing that sets Gaston and Cleveland counties apart from most anywhere in America.

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Tickets On Sale

Tickets for Robert (Bob) Inman’s Revolutionary War drama, Liberty Mountain, which will be performed in Kings Mountain’s Joy Theater on weekends from June 26 through July 19, are now available for online purchase at

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